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Downsizing Interiors

Retirees downsizing from large family homes to smaller retirement condos have used our space planning expertise to determine what to bring with them so the new space works.

Moving Into A Smaller Home Can Be A Daunting Task.

We will go in and space plan your new space and then go back to your home and pick the best of the best that you can use in your new space

Space Planning For Retirement

We have worked in most of the high-end retirement villages her in Memphis and they have pretty regular floor plans that we are already familiar with

Estate Sale Assistance

We can arrange for the sale of furniture that will not be taken to the new home as well. This provide the profitable disposal of unwanted items.

We’ll Even Manage Your Move For You

We do everything to manage your move and once we get you in your to home, we’ll take of  everything right down to hanging your art and making you feel at home